Name Titel Jahr
Kilian Förner Nonlinear Aeroacoustic Characterization of Resonators 2017
Stefan Jaensch On the efficient numerical modeling of nonlinear self-excited thermoacoustic oscillations 2017
Lin Strobio Chen Scattering and Generation of Acoustic and Entropy Waves across Moving and Fixed Heat Sources 2016
Thomas Emmert State Space Modeling of Thermoacoustic Systems with Application to Intrinsic Feedback 2016
Thomas Acher A Moments Model for the Numerical Simulation of Bubble Column Flows 2015
Ralf S. Blumenthal A Systems View on Non-Normal Transient Growth in Thermoacoustics 2015
Roel A. J. Müller Control authority for active damping of combustion instabilities 2015
Frédéric Bernard Collonval Modeling of auto-ignition and NOx formation in turbulent reacting flows 2015
Alejandro Cárdenas Miranda Influence of Enhanced Heat Transfer in Pulsating Flow on the Damping Characteristics of Resonator Rings 2014
Mathieu Paul Gebhard Zellhuber High Frequency Response of Auto-Ignition and Heat Release to Acoustic Perturbations 2013
Rohit Madhukar Kulkarni Large Eddy Simulation of Autoignition in Turbulent Flows 2013
Tobias Holzinger Aspects of the Thermoacoustic Effect Considering Mean Flow 2013
Luis Roberto TayWo Chong Hilares Numerical Simulation of the Dynamics of Turbulent
Swirling Flames
Peter Bollweg Hollow Cone Spray Characterization and Integral Modeling 2012
Abdel Hakim M. A. Hassabou Experimental and Numerical Analysis of a PCM-Supported Humidification-Dehumidification Solar Desalination System 2011
João Neuenschwander Escosteguy Carneiro Development of a Presumed FunctionMethod of Moments with Application to Polydisperse Sprays 2011
Fatih Selimefendigil Identification and Analysis of Nonlinear Heat Sources in Thermo-Acoustic Systems 2010
Roland Kaess Thermoacoustic Stability Analysis fromOpen Loop Transfer Functions based on LES 2010
Andreas Huber Impact of fuel supply impedance and fuel staging on gas turbine combustion stability 2009
Ricardo Gaspar Paggiaro Investigation of Cryogenic Hydrogen Storage on High Surface Area Activated Carbon: Equilibrium and Dynamics 2008
Emad Gharaibah Entwicklung eines numerischenModells zur Beschreibung disperser Gas/Flüssigkeits-Zweiphasenströmungen 2008
Jan Kopitz Kombinierte Anwendung von
Strömungssimulation, Netzwerkmodellierung und Regelungstechnik zur Vorhersage thermoakustischer Instabilitäten
Ludovic Durand Development, implementation and validation of LES models for inhomogeneously premixed turbulent combustion 2007
Alexander Matthias Gerhard Gentemann Identifikation von akustischen Transfermatrizen und Flammenfrequenzgängen mittels Strömungssimulation 2006
Martin Brandt Beschreibung der Selbstzündung in turbulenter Strömung unter Einbeziehung ternärer Mischvorgänge 2005